How To: Preparing For A Boudoir Session

Lots of women search tirelessly online to figure out how exactly to prepare for your upcoming boudoir session.  

What do you wear?

What angles and poses are best for bigger girls? 

Should I wax before a shoot?  

What type of heels should I bring? 

Can I eat before a shoot? 


Well, ladies. I'm about to answer all of your questions and more. Ready?  


1.  Whatever you want. Do you like big sweaters? Bring it. Wanna just go nude? Cool. Do you feel sexy in a furry suit. Phenomenal. 

2. All angles are good for bigger girls. Yup. You know why? Because your body is beautiful from every angle. I promise you. 

3. Wax? Sure. Whatever. If you want, but all I'm saying is heaven forbid you grow any amount of hair on your body. I mean, how dare you! 

4. Heels? Why? I mean, totally bring some of you want. Is that what you're comfortable in? Is a pair of sexy heels really who you are as a person? Cause if not then don't bring them. Be you. Don't be some typical boudoir clichè, that's not what this is about.  

5. Please don't starve yourself and get hangry on set. This is tiring work here. You will be a little tired after. Eat girl. It is after all needed for survival.  


There. Done. Wanna know how to prepare for a boudoir set? Come in, be yourself, nail the shoot like I know you will and leave like the damn sparkley diva goddess woman you are. Stop worrying about every little detail or keep putting it off for another 10lbs. This is your body and you don't have to love it, but I do and I guarantee someone else in your life does too. Be you, because it's all you can do and it's awesome.