Dark Styled Bridal - Langley, Oklahoma

Erika doesn't much care for being in front of the camera, I know this because it took months to convince her to do a shoot with me. SOMETHING. I'm like that nagging friend that never goes away... she caved. muahahaha

I know some great people with some even greater land in this state, so having the opportunity to use Howard Haven up in Langley is super exciting. Amongst the Longhorn Ranch, you'll find beautiful quarries, small ponds, a large workshop filled with antiques boats and my favorite area - the private boat dock. We hopped in the Gator and took a tour of this gorgeous land, stopping every so often for a photo Op.

Being a cattle ranch, there's a good chance you'll end up with skeletal remains. And after seeing the skull of one of their females, my heart flew out my chest and I was in love. This simple bridal quickly switched gears and became a dark bridal. Although, I believe it to be more fitting to Erika anyways.


Random pieces of fabric can work in so many ways. Experimentation is super fun. I think I may start a series on different ways you can play with your cameras. Would you be interested in participating in a weekly challenge? Check out the Facebook group here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/241691556225825/