Sunrise Boudoir - Santa Cruz, CA

I woke up heavy eyed and caffeine deficient. Staring at my phone "5:45am". Is this a thing? I didn't know there even was a 5am.... but, being that my love of sleep has caused me to miss out on something far more amazing than sunsets - I had to get up and do this.

I finally got up, threw my hair up and grabbed my leggings. Handle it. Leslie met me at the bottom of the hill and we made the journey out to West Cliff. Fog is something I've missed a great deal in Oklahoma. We get some, but its never like the fog you get on the coast. We walked down the 17,000 (yes, exact number) steps to the sand and you can see the thick fog for miles. The sun was rising directly over the light house, letting in a perfectly diffused golden color.

The only people around were 2 older women walking their dogs. As Leslie was walking out into the water, they joked about how cold it was. Another reason I love this area, people see a half naked girl being photographed on the beach and they act like its the most normal thing in the world.


It was cold. Colder than cold. This girl, just jumps right in. I've known Leslie a long time, so I'm not completely surprised, but that tiny bit of surprise you have when you know you yourself wouldn't do it because NO THANKS.

After the dog walkers left up the shoreline a bit, there was silence. Not a car on the road, no dogs, no humans. Just the sound of the waves and I count the waves "1...2...3...4....5....6 Ok, break!" Is that 7th wave rule true? No idea, but they do seem to get bigger, so I'll just go with it. It's been a thing in my head since I was a kid, whatevs.


This was one of those sessions that seemed a little surreal. Here you have a completely empty beach, it's clean, the background is amazing, the fog lifting off the ocean and a woman excited to pose nude AND get up at this ungodly hour with me. I say this about every session but here I go again - This. was. amazing. It was. If you ever have the opportunity to get your butt up at sunrise and shoot, do it. PLEASE.