A Wonderful Witchy Tarot Set - Tulsa, OK

Amber is my hair lady. Oh man, this woman. She comes from a line of tarot reading women, so naturally we agreed on this set. I found the perfect place in South Tulsa, and we set the date. I think the date was the hardest part because having to plan around the full moon. Then of course there being enough light for the shoot in the woods and not having to wait an hour for the moon to raise high enough to capture.

In the end, despite a few hangups (snakes!!!!), I could not be more pleased with this shoot.

Amber NAILED IT. With Halloween coming up too, this is just too much good stuff.


Amber, an artist herself, can be found here. If you're in the area, I HIGHLY recommend stopping by. Make up was done by the LOVELY Lauren Sylvester. Check her out HERE!