Heather + Aaron - Cherry Street Farmers Market

Do you have any idea how adorable GROCERY SHOPPING IS?!

It's cute. I like it. It's my new jam.

I met Heather and Aaron Hood out on a Saturday morning for a little couples session while they shopped at the Tulsa Cherry Street Farmers Market. It was SO HOT and humid. I'm always so proud of my people when they are still smiling after 45 minutes in that heat.

You could smell the herb plants and the pastries. Antoinette was practically a mandatory stop. There are so many awesome places to stop, but I'm pretty sure the wine booth was their favorite. ;) 

These two sweet things are approaching their 11 year anniversary and haven't had photos done together in a long time so, I was super excited to do this specific session with them. 

By the end everyone was dying of heat so, we parted ways and I picked up a Popsicle from this awesome probiotics pops and kombucha stand. Jareds Propops! They were delicious. The kombucha too.