California Love

We just got back from California a few weeks ago and I've been admittedly lazy on the front end. I just have so many amazing photos I've been stuck on, I forgot to keep some type of content going! As many people know, we are preparing to move to NORTHERN CALIFORNIA! I am from there, spent 25 years of my life in California, so so ready to go back.

Over the next 6 months I'll be traveling back and forth to do sessions, house hunt, etc.  Santa Cruz, CA is just so good to us. This first session was shot at Natural Bridges State Beach.

The sun was setting and Golden Hour had approached. There was a line of photographers and their tripods attempting to photograph the most photographed natural rock formation on the coast. It was probably a cool 60 degrees about side and the tide was coming in. If theres one thing I'll never forget, it's the smell of the ocean. And, trust me when I say it's not that overly floral scent peddled by dryer sheet manufacturers. 

The older daughter, Ruby, what a ham. She couldn't get enough of the camera. Jumping at every chance for me to witness her acrobatics. The little, Juniper, hell bent on staying with mom but allowed me to invade her space for photos of her cute little toes.

One of my favorite areas in this beach are the tide pools. I remember as a kid taking field trips here and touching the anemones and starfish, looking at all the barnacles. Admittedly, I was a little underwhelmed compared to my memories as a child, however I can probably think of several reasons why to ecosystem has drastically changed over *gasp* 20 years.... 

We safely walked through the area until the perfect moment where I could perfectly see my two gorgeous friends. Shyla and Daniel. These 2 share a love that most couples work hard for, yet they make it seem effortless. The connection, the ease, the comfort they have. Its amazing. Also, it is worth noting that they just celebrated their 8th anniversary.

Thank you, Hofkins family, for letting me document your precious little tribe. <3