Surprise! You're Engaged! A Tulsa Engagement

Nothing thrills me more than surprise engagements. I love them! So, naturally, when Samantha (a friend of mine and the brides) asked if I would be available on Christmas Eve - it was a big fat HELL YES.

I met with Emily a few weeks before and kinda loved her. I knew very little of her girlfriend but I had met her years ago when she adopted a sweet little puppy named Pickles from my vet office. Danielle has so much energy and this amazingly contagious happiness and well.. shes fun! After meeting Emily, I could not wait for this. Two really rad people, one really awesome event.

Danielle was escorted by Samantha on a scavenger hunt around Tulsa to all the places where their relationship started and bloomed. Each location had a lovely card with either a written clue, or a video Emily had made. Thankfully for all of us awaiting her arrival, Samantha had the hunt up on Facebook live.

A while ago, Danielle had told Emily that she didn't want to be proposed to with a ring. She wanted a KitchenAid Mixer. Well, she got her mixer AND an absolutely gorgeous ring.

So, now we wait! Everyone is getting really excited. Keeping close tabs on the live feed. Tulsa had also apparently decided that we were going to have spring weather for Christmas, so on top of it being a little warm, the sun had come out in full force! It really could have gone in any direction, but we were thankful it wasn't raining.... yet.

We finally see Danielle and Sam walking up the road and ITS TIME!

Everyone moves away like a curtain and Danielle gets to see the "Special Date" Emily had planned for her.


In case you were wondering, she said yes... duh.

Congratulations to both of you. You have so many wonderful things ahead and I am SO FREAKING EXCITED for you! Hope to catch ya on the West coast. <3