Our Story

I truly believe that you cannot convey life through a series of perfectly posed photos. Photographic art, to me, captures life; emotion and candor. Originally, I started photography as just a mother wanting better photos of my child, among many other reasons. Over a few months, the desire to learn more grew and soon I was fully immersed in workshops, books, tutorials, classes and networking. Every photographer is growing, learning and revising every single day and to me, the most important part of this art is that not only do I continue to grow and learn and correct but that the images I capture tell your story; your way. That you look at these images for decades and still feel as in love with them as you did they day they were delivered. 

Brittany Murphy Photography was officially formed in 2015 - and while new, we managed to fit in a ton of experience before "opening the doors". By late 2015, my work had been featured in 9 national publications and 1 large local publication. I had honed my specialty in elopement photography and gained the skills needed to assist my couples with just about anything they needed; wedding related. I spent a year learning wedding planning, building relationships with local vendors and designing micro installations for quick yet beautiful wedding ceremonies. 

We are a full service photography company.

The best part of all? WE TRAVEL! EVERYWHERE!

Currently based in Sacramento, CA, but ready and willing
for domestic and international travel! 


Brittany Murphy-Miller

Brittany Murphy, originally from San Jose, CA, has been living in Tulsa, Oklahoma for 6 years. Now, finally back in Northern California - Sacramento is now "home". She is a wife, mother and lover of nature. A sci-fi and video game nerd with a twisted love affair with vintage beauty. For over 2 decades, art has been an important part of her life, having been a musician, writer and now photographer.